zaterdag, maart 20

The house of leaves
The books has been hunting me for over a year now.

At first I didn't know it. I got to know it when I got to know Poe, she made an album called Haunted. It's not the music I normally listen to, but the first time I heard a song I immediately bought the album and listened to it non-stop for a while. In the booklet that came with the cd I read something about a book called The House of Leaves. So I googled that. And found out about the book, and about the whole story around it. All the things people say and think about it. The secrets hidden in the story. And at that point I already wanted to have it. Didn't even know where it was about.

So then, it took a while, I went asking for it in bookstores, but they all didn't have it. I asked the book for my birthday, then said I didn't wanted it anymore, so then I didn't get it. Then I bought it myself. I started reading right away.
But, that's the weird thing, I liked it, I thought it was well written, funny, a pageturner ;-) but I stopped. I stopped reading after about only 70 pages. Maybe because it's also kind of difficult for me, I mean, it is in English and I mostly read in English, but this is a bit harder... but it's annoying! I have that book, I want to read it, but I can't and I don't. Every once in a while I grab it, read a page, and put it down again.

Stupid book.

I will finish it one day.

Anyway, sorry for such a boring and boringwritten blog.
Here's a Poe video, she's the sister or the author by the way, did I mention that?

Like I said.. different :p

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  1. Lijkt me een interessant boek!
    En de muziek vind ik eigenlijk ook wel prettig, doet me een beetje denken aan toen ik Evanescence leuk vond.

    Bedankt voor de tips en ik hoop dat je het boek ooit nog tot een goed einde brengt ;)