zondag, maart 21

Opinionize this

About 2 things. 1, of course, Alice in Wonderland, how could I forget. Second, Lady Gaga's Telephone video with Beyoncé.

Alice in Wonderland was a bit awkward because I was waiting for it for.. well more then a year. Me and my friends were hysterical the first time we heard Tim (fucking) Burton would be directing Alice in (fucking) Wonderland! And even more when we found out Johnny Depp would be playing the mad hatter. Of course. But well.. so then I went there with extremely high expectations. Which kind of got in my way, because I was like "omg.. I want to like this movie" while sitting there. And that's stupid. After the break I had kind of lost that, so that was nice.

But okay well yeah okay anyway.

Of course it looked gorgeous. All the scenery, the colours, the clothes, the people (Anne Hathaway with white hair = very cool. Mia Kamikosasakiwa = just annoyingly beautiful), the actors (Johnny, Helena, ALAN!, Matt, Stephen..). I was kind of annoyed by the little Alice, but well, she's just a kid, so I'll cut her some slack. :-)

I also loved the slightly different story, which I will not talk about in case you're still gonna see it.

The 3-D.. well.. it was cool but I'm not a sucker for 3-D and never will be I guess. The glasses made me a bit dizzy and left those stupid marks on my nose because.

Okay so, conclusion: It wasn't the best movie I ever saw, but it was still Really cool, but I feel like need to watch it again though. ("I feel like" omg ;-D)

Okay, second..... ... what was that a.. oohh yes, the Telephone video. Most of the time I thought the song was boring. The video.. was a bit too long.. the outfits and looks were stunning though :D especially Beyoncé. I loved her hair.

.. well that was kind of negative... sorry :p

Here's something nice then:

would that be a compliment?

Have a fantastic fucking day.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. It would be, yes.
    if someone/thing is so beautiful that you don't find yourself worthy enough to come closer

    than eh... hell yeah that's a compliment; )

  2. Volgens mij is het meer bedoelt als.. vuur is mooi om naar te kijken, maar het is ook gevaarlijk, en als je te dicht bij komt brand je je eraan.
    Denk ik? :p vandaar dat ik me af vroeg of het nog wel een compliment was..

  3. Ik had ongeveer hetzelfde. Zelfs het boek gelezen! Het zag er op zich wel mooi uit hoor, maar toch. er knaagt iets. Het had niet dezelfde "WOowakaboewaaa-factor" als Edward scissorhands, bijvoorbeeld.
    have a nice day!