donderdag, maart 25


all my troubles seemed so faaaaahrrr awaayyyyyyyyyy.
I love that song. Yee-ee-eesss.

So, yesterday I had to play in Utrecht, at the Tweetakt Festival. And it looked really cool.
At first I wasn't really looking forward to it because just before and when I started playing, there was practically no one there. Really. No one. And it feels so crappy to have to play when no one's there.. But after a while more people came, so that was cool :D and I had fun.

It was a fun day altogether, went there with Marco, almost hit a dog running loose on the highway. Stopped on our way because it was such a lovely sunny day!
Oohhh and, he gave me a.. shit.. oh no, it's the same, he gave me a harmonica for my birthday :D so cool! We're planning on a hike through Holland in the summer and now I can actually bring along an instrument without breaking my back (figuratively) carrying it, okay, my uku isn't that heavy but .. it's annoying to carry around.
But first things first.. I need to learn how to play it! Another instrument that yet needs to be mastered ;-)

Oh, and I played.
The Pirate Song//I was your Bird//I might kill you//Mushrooms//Jungle//Teddy bear//Wikipedia.
And supporting the Avett Brothers I played almost the same..
The Pirate Song//I was your Bird//Winter//Jungle//Mushrooms. It was very cool I had the opportunity to be their support and to play in Paradiso (one of the biggest/best musicplaces in the Netherlands). That the people there didn't really like me.. well.. I think I will just have to get used to that. Not that I thought everybody always liked me orsomething. But I mean, being the support-band, that way.

Three men walk into a bar, you'd think at least one would duck.

Have a nice day. Oh oh no wait. By the way. The lyrics I put in one of my previous blogs? the Love and War song. I put it online the day before yesterday. Let me see...


Have a nice deee. Xx Flowah

omg stoopid! edit: What was also really cool about yesterday, is that Corné was there too. Click for his (really funny, though Dutch) blog. I know him from Lowlands, and I don't really know him. But well.. yeah.. whatever! Though I think most people reading this already know his blog?


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