donderdag, april 15

Ratchoo and Selah Sue

I was the support act of (of?) Selah Sue yesterday! Look her up on youtube I'd say. She's very cool. And it was okay, people were talking a lot, I just have to get used to that, as support act you get that all the time. And stuff.

Anyway. A while ago one of my rats died, Lotje. And now I've only one; Sjors. At first I thought I didn't want a second one again, but Sjors is so human-shy that she just doesn't get enough attention or any distraction.. I mean, can't be good for that little being, rats are smart and need to do stuff and play! So now I'm thinking about getting 2 new rats. Why 2 you ask? Because Sjors already about 2 years .. maybe 2 and a half even? And if I'd get only one young one, that one might be bored, if Sjors gets/is so old she's not playful anymore. And if Sjors dies in 0,5 to 1 year, I'll have the same problem again. And I really do want rats.. I just.. have to have something to uttle and tuttle and care about. And rats are such amazing creatures!

If you do not agree right now, I will make you agree by making you look at these photo's I took from the Fuck Yeah Rats-tumblr

okay this once a bít scary, but isn't it just as cute? Look at those eyes! And those ears :D nomnomnom!

Damnwell she iz.

OMGGG just LOOK at those cute cute soft pink bellies! :D

Oh, and today, I found out there are also hamsterrats. It's not a cross-breed, they're just called like this because they can stuff food in their cheeks like hamsters but are like rats otherwise. They look like this:

Holy CRAP! That was scary. :p

Well... I like normal rats better, these are a bit too.. roughly built? Though they're cute too, with that weird snout and huuuge ears!

And they kind of remind me of capybaras.
wellllll.. I'm going to go.
Dikke later jonge.

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