maandag, mei 31

Joooooooin meee

no sht stop.

Sssoooo... it's now.. ahhmmm.. 9 days to my first day of auditions. I forgot what I have first (theory or the real audition with the singing.. of.. songs.......... yah).

Ahrrrmmmm ej aj oeh amw.rtjf.

I hate this week. It's too busy! And with all the stress. I can't really think calmly anymore. Like someone is playing Pong in my head, but then not with 1 ball and 2 players. But with like.. 42 (42 is the answer to the question of everything) balls and 2 players, who'll have to manage them all.
And then, those 2 players, are both male, and they also have to clean the house and have a conversation and watch a soccermatch: hopelessy. Hopeless fail it's going to have to be, well, not have to be, but it's gonna be. Couldn't be anything else.

I'm all right though, just a bit stressed :p

To close this blog with, another song quote by one of my ultimate male singer heroes. (Make an educated guess.)

When you shine on me
When you shine on me
With the light of love, in your eyes. In your eyes
Chris Dane Owens - Shine on me (most definitely it's very sure you're going to have to look him up on youtube. Or he will shine you in your sleep. HEeeeeeeeeeere's CHRIS DANE OOOOWENNNSSSSS!!!!!!!!!) (god, that was a terrible movie, sorry)

Ready for countdown, startinnnnngggggg nnnnnoooo goodbye
x nice day bladiebla Fleur

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