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Sounds creepier than it actually is. So, read on with your little children next to you, it's okay.

Sometimes/every time when I'm writing a new song, or have an idea for a new song, I get all jumblebumble and want to tell everybody about it.

Well, I did this once, with amm.. Taking Gulps I guess. I was like "YEAAAAH I have such a cool idea for a song! It's about this girl who's drowning in the ocean 'cause she can't swim and then she figures the water can't drown her if she drinks it first!!!!!"
And then, the song disappoints me and it's even worse than if it would've otherwise.

Mostly a song disappoints me when I tell people about it (or play it t my friends) when it's not yet finished.

I did a post a while ago? About the Shakespeare song.. I haven't touched it since then. It also kind of discourages I guess.

So now, I'm not going to tell you ANYTHING about this new song I'm working on. Instead, I'll post the lyrics of a song I just finished yesterday.

It kind of relates to the names (was names the title?) blog I wrote earlier.

Sing what you don't dare saying,
Kisses and bisous and besos and kusjes, Fleur

I have written my memoirs,
on my body with razors
I have written with ink nor lead
And I want you to know,
that even though it hurt
I never had any regrets

I have bit my tongue,
some many times since I was young
I think I ate it almost, completely
So I may be a cannibal
but don't be afraid;
the last bit of tongue, I just ate

I wanted to know,
the definition of confusion
so I walked into the misty sea
But the only definition,
I could find
was the misty definition of me

I have lived on air
exclaiming life was unfair;
I only was unfair to my self
but I gained smarts
and I ate lots of tarts
and now I feel like I am elf

I have trapped your mind
manipulated time
I have slept trough twelves and wars
Then I rowed my boat,
into the misty sea
and I flew amongst the stars

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