maandag, juni 7

Last blog of the world

I meant 'day' of course. And it's also the first.

My most dramatic feelings of dramatism today come from my auditions tomorrow.
I'm listening to Lady Gaga as if I were her biggest fan and singing along the loudest with JayMay; we're both not ill willed persons and we want every body to know.

I can't write long, I could write much if I wouldn't stop every other sentence to have a bite of my apple and stare emptyminded out of the window where the wind is shaking the trees, probably also trying to shake me awake from my pre audition blankness.

No nerves, well, okay, some nerves, but otherwise.. empty.. It's okay though! I shouldn't think too much about it, would make it terrible(/y worse).

Oh shit, my mom's home and it's not until now that I realise I promised to do the dishes... I always forget these things, damnit, it's not on purpose, I don't really mind doing the dishes.

I'll stop now, have to get to the train in 5 minutes, with my bag and my stuff and my music and my other music.

Here's a song I just made up to finish this blog with, in a few days you'll get to read how it went..

I wish I were so fucking aaaweesoooomeee
that music academy's would just invite me
because of my awesomeness lalalalalaladieladoepdoepdoepdeeee

I wish I had a book to bring a long to read.. (I'm reading the annotated Alice in Wonderland but it's.. kinda bag)
Bye gays X

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