donderdag, juni 10

Hey there Delilah how did my exams go?

Has anybody seen the 'chlamydia' version of that song? It is SOOOO much better than the awful real one.

Anyway, I am here, writing this blog, to tell about how the auditions went for me.

Tuesday I had my first exam; the practical part where I had to sing 2 of my songs and they would ask me questions. The playing of the songs went really well! I'd been nauseous and anxious and nervous for the whole morning, but when the dot came by the pole (when I had to play) they stopped and I could play without making mistakes, and without going way too fast. I'd given them the lyrics and they were laughing from time to time, which was helping also.
I played Kiss the frog, Marry the boy and The Pirate Song (in this order).

After that they went and asked me some questions about the motivation I'd written, they asked me something in a critical matter and then I kind of had a little break down in what I should say and stuff. Then they asked me to leave so they could talk a little and decide whether or not I'd get a green light for taking the theory exam the next day.

At that point I was pretty sure I wouldn't make it through, because of the really bad talk we had. But when they called me in they said they were willing to take the risk, said I'd probably heard the word talent before, and told me they'd given me a 9 on my exam! (Out of 10)
Can you imagine how I started breathing again? :-)

Next day. Theory.
I can play my songs, but theory.. is something different. I'd been working as a horse to learn all the stuff as well as possible but still; the theory is hard, especially if you never really had it before.
The guy who took the exam, was totally awesome, making jokes about almost everything, telling me it was okay to breathe once in a while and just calming me, because I was, again, what you might call ' a tad stressed'.
I had to sing intervals, recognize chords and sing the notes from it, clap rhythm and recognize the intervals in a song he played. I did worst on the rhythm, but, when all hell was over, he told me he thought my knowledge and musicality was enough to get through the first year.

Somewhere in the next 10 days I will get a letter, a yes or a no.

Though they told me the first day that, if I would get through the theory, with my 9, I wouldn't get on the waiting list, I'd get into the first year almost without doubt, I'm still a bit cautious of believing I really made it.
I will be waiting for the letter.


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