maandag, juli 26

I don't do too much talking these days

Hello people of the world,

I went to a festival yesterday, it was a one day thing. Called Peace in Riis. (Riis/Rijs is the name of the place where it was) It was actually in a beautiful garden, ín a forest.. really beautiful.
All kinds of coverbands; Stolling Rones, Who's Yorn (The Who), Neil Young mirrorband, CCC inc (not cover, very awesome) and another coverband, they played all sorts of stuff.
It was just really laidback.. sitting, talking, walking, listening.. I came home at about 4.. I slept like a rose, I suppose.

I didn't really take pictures.. except for these 2; a naked man (well, he was wearing a sock) and Ernie and a weird rabbit pushing each other into a little pond in front of the stage.

The day before yesterday (I think) I uploaded Pokerface on accordion. Here it is:

Ciaos. x

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