maandag, augustus 16

What movies should I watch? What books should I read?

Since I will be living at least a month without my television and internet - 2 of my biggest companions in the battle of life, of course, uhuh- I am looking for nice movies or series to watch and books to read.

I'm packing the last of my stuff now; tomorrow I'll be going to Enschede. Everything is still in boxes there, but once I've given everything it's place (or, like my sister said; once you've redecorated everything.. 5 or 6 times) I will make some pictures, give my housewarmingparty and, hopefully, feel very much at home.

Though, the idea of living alone has given me the idea of rats again.. (the idea never left, I still thought about taking Sjors out of the cage every time I came home after being away for a while) I can't have a cat, unfortunately, but rats are also very awesome. I'm going to think this over some more for sure (but I already saw 2 really cute males in a rattery near my city)(butterflies :))

Also, yesterday I was in a house where they had a beautiful (miniature) Maine Coone <3 ahmmmmmmmprettykitty.

and a pretty girl to close this blog with.

So long, farewell, aufwiedersehen, goodbye.


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  1. De werkelijke moord op kitty duisenberg van Tim Krabbé vind ik een leuk boek. Hij is wel een beetje heet hier en daar. Maar daar is op zich niks mis mee, toch. En hij is minder Peter R. de Vries dan hij klinkt.

    Oh, en alles van Herman Brusselmans.

    Sla je vleugels uit! Vogel!