maandag, augustus 30

Dear mister and/or misses sender

Heeeeyyyyyy (sugar!)

I'm enjoying and fatiguing myself here in Enschede. It's all new and lots of stuff.. but I've met some cool people and we've done some awesome stuff.
Above that I have really amazing friends and family, and an amazing boyfriend. They call all the time, send me stuff, text me and come visit me.

This living on my own is proving to be kind of hard from time to time, so I need them for that :) it's really nice.

Today was my first real day of school and it's not really the way it's gonna be for the next 4 years of course, but I think it's going to be really nice. Even the pain in the ass classes.

What are you doing? How was zhe holiday?
(people mostly don't respond when I ask such questions, but hey, I'm not a quitter so I keep asking)(.....)

ICH! (should've been there to get the joke...... "arrogant smiley")

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