maandag, september 20


I won't tell you that I miss you,
but I do.

Pasta & television & some geese at the end. Tells me it's ready for a valley of horses and my bed.

I lost my ukulele on a train, and got it back again, missed my sound check but was in time for the performance, and got free falafel from a guy I would kiss and hug and kiss, if only there wasn't a counter in between. And then I saw his face, and I was a believer.

Don't you wish your boyfriend was awesome like mine.

Enough of the talking. Ciaaaaoooooooooww. x

1 opmerking:

  1. HAha patser.
    Heb je ook Fly away home gezien? Die film heb ik vroeger echt 100 keer gezien, zo mooi.