vrijdag, september 17

I don't know how to love him but you've got the love

What a lovely title
hahahaaaahaha. Okay, it's morning, early, I haven't drank a first sip of my coffee yet.

I dreamt I had joined Popstars (it's something like Idols and ...'s got talent), but I hadn't prepared beacause I didn't even know I was joining. So I was stressing like a mad hatter and walking around trying to figure out what to sing.. you had to sing 2 songs. At first I came up with, I don't know how to love him, a song I really love (out of a film I feel the same way about :), and then I still had to come up with one song.. I thought of a couple, but knew they wouldn't work because I didn't know the lyrics till the end and you had to sing the song a capella..
Then I got an idea: I would sing You've Got the Love by Florence and the Machine. And just when I was thinking 'shit okay.. I will do it but first I have to sing or at least hear it one more time'... my alarm went. And my alarm is You've got the love.

It's something I had before, and more people had before, of course. Your alarm fits the end of your dream perfectly. Makes me wonder.. do you dream/think SO fast that the alarm has actually already begun and you're brain adjust so well it makes a whole story with it?
But the time in my dream between picking that song and wanting to hear it took a while longer than just seconds..
Or does or body and brain know when the alarm goes? (biological-clock thing)
Or can we see the future in our dreams..

I should've taken that sip of coffee first.. feel like a 9/11 conspiracy-person now.

Ohhh and tonight Popronde Rotterdam! Kind of anxious, since I haven't had the chance to practise up until yesterday.. and it's 40 minutes. It's always scary whenever I have to play more than 30 minutes.
But I'm also looking forward to it :-) and then Saturday I will finally see my boyfriend again. That always takes way too long.

Have a nice day!X

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