vrijdag, oktober 8


Yesterday I went to Wageningen, for Popronde. I've been having a shitty week and wasn't looking forward to it. But it changed when I met the people who worked where I played. It was a biological restaurant, and the people were just so nice. So welcoming and honest. Made my day :) They also had really nice food! So if you're ever in Wageningen, go to Vreemde Streken. I know I will.

Today I'll be going to Utrecht, also for Popronde. After that, I'll be taking the trein to Groningen, to my boyfriend, and on Saturday we'll train to Friesland, where his and mine parents live. Will be the first time in almost 2 months I see my old home. But now, I am going to have my breakfast.

Have a nice weekend. X

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