woensdag, februari 16

Hold me in your arms

and sway me like the sea.

Ooh I have such nice classmates! Yesterday we went to drink something in 'our pub' at 3, and though some people came and left, we stayed there 'till 8 in the evening haha. Just chatting about stuff, and also some very serious conversations, it was really nice!

Je weet zelluf.

Mmmm well.. I think I'll be going to school in a minute.. though the sky's turning pretty grey at the moment :s hope it's not going to rain just while I'm on my way to school..
Almost holiday! Yay :) Need to work my ass of though.. hopefully I'll be able to kick my own butt everyday (we say that, you need a kick under your butt. And we always get our sin) to actually do stuff.. because I have to!!.. but I already said that.

aaaaaaaaait fo shizzle
x Frizzle

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