dinsdag, maart 22

I finished Norwegian Wood

What to do now? What to do next?

I lost my voice, it's still not back to normal, I can talk now, but I still can't sing. But I have to play saturday, braagghhh stress! I haven't even practised yet.. wanted to do that last weekend ):
I bought some sage tea today, should help relax my throat a bit.. well, we'll see. Guess it's lots of quietness and sleeping, giving my vocalcords some rest :)

So cool, at vocal techniques we really learn about anatomy too! So I kind of know now what's wrong and what I should and shouldn't do. For example, if you lost your voice or if you have a soar throat: DON'T whisper. It is NOT helping, it's making it worse.
You see, you have your vocal cords, and normally, when you talk or sing air goes through them, but a reasonable amount of air then. When you whisper you talk with almost only air, and that air is 'blasting' the slime of your vocal chords, which is actually protecting them.


Well, I am tired.. still have to make dinner.. but.. while I had some courgettesoup plans, at the moment noodlessoup sounds way better.

Decisions decisions...

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