zondag, maart 20

Dear lord

It's the silence of the lambs.

Silence because, friday I'd lost my voice completely, and saturday still, only today it's a bit better, but I'm still trying to keep quiet.
And lambs, because, when I came to Friesland in the train on friday (which was my 20th birthday! Rimply me) I saw little laaambs! Who weren't even so little anymore.. feels like I completely missed that bit of spring.. the birth of the lambs.. usually, in Friesland, there are sheep everywhere, so you'll notice right away when there are young cute ones!
They tend to be sooo cute running and prancing around in the grass! Ahwwwww :)

Much cuter than the bloody image I proposed to you, but hey, where there's birth, there's blood. *trying to keep face straight for selling of cheesy moral*

Ait fancypantsy, x

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