woensdag, maart 16

Snoop Dogg in a Count von Count suit

Your argument is invalid.

It's almost my 20th birthday! (friday the 18th) So this week I will leave behind my teenage years and start being a sex and the city 20something girl. I don't like my birthdays. Not because of the getting older and more wrinkles part.. but more of.. somewhere you always (or I do, atleast) some kind of.. expectations.. maybe because, when you're a kid you really have an awesome day when it's your birthday: you get an ugly hat made of paper, you get to stand on a chair and get sung to, you can say what dinner will be, you get presents and cake and cards and an awesome party! (My dad borrowed the aircushion (?) from the swimmingpool for my parties HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! OMG! SO COOL). And now it's just.. nothing special happens.. or I just can't enjoy what happens anymore because everythings flat.. there are no aircushions anymore, or they're present, but then figuratively, and then they're flat anyway. There's no fun in flat aircushions, you must agree. It's also that it's been harder to accept the presents.. I get cool stuff, but there's no more of the "OMMMMMMG I GOT A TOYHORSE!!!! YESSSS I have been wanting this for AAAAAAGGGEEEEESSS!" (which wouldn't be for ages, but probably more for.. a few weeks) (you know kids, you were one yourself).
And the party.. I don't like giving parties. I always feel so responsible for other peoples fun. And for "hey hey hey want a drink? No? Crisps? Wine? Cola? Winegum? Marshmallow? " sigh.

It always the same with having expectations, even though you know you shouldn't really have them, you always do, and you always seem to nurse them into something even bigger.

So, this is why I am trying to just expect having a nice day, same as every day, but maybe with some cake instead of only sandwiches and coffee.

Okay.. so.. I am bitching right? ;)
"I don't know why I am sad all the time.. maybe it's my birthday, or my name, the way it's spelled." to be quoting one of my own songs...


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  1. http://www.hollewand.nl/index.php?item=luchtkussen_feesttaartje :)

    Je moet gewoon idd niet te veel van de dag verwachten. Verjaardagen uit je jeugd zijn amper te evenaren, laat staan overtreffen. Behalve als je altijd kutverjaardagen had, maar jij had springkussens (jaloers). Maak er gewoon een leuke, gezellige dag van met wat vrienden en taart (en alle andere dingen waar je zin in hebt, want het is niet alsof je nu niet meer mag bepalen wat je eet :P). Uiteindelijk kunnen zelfs de tofste cadeaus toch niet op tegen het gezelschap van vrienden :)

    Oh ja, en als je mensen thuis uitnodigt gewoon laten zien waar de koelkast staat en alle versnaperingen in het zicht leggen. Dan hoef je zelf niets meer te doen :P