zaterdag, april 9

and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present

Okay, so far the sappy quote. Here is a little present :) (click)

I posted lyrics of a song about an old lady by the river a while ago right?
Well I made a crappy recording of it, while singing it in my songwritingclass. My teacher played piano (too bad I'm not that good..) and I sang. I recorded it to get some changes in the vocalmelody right for later, but I still kind of screwed up haha. But so, it's just to.. let you know what I'm doing at the moment :) (and if you read the lyrics back, you'll notice I already scrapped it down a bit again haha :))

I myself really like it, but what do you think?

OOOOhhhh weekend! Ready for some partying! But first I'll have to do some studying in the train. Education.. we have an exam next week blarrghhh it's the most uninspiring lesson ever. And those books.. jesus, someone should keep that author from writing;, she is awful. REALLY.

Love F

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Clicked and it showed a blank page.

  2. Ja vreemd. hoorde van iemand anders ook al dat 'ie niet werkte. Bij mij werkt het gewoon..
    nouja, helaas pindakaas denk ik..