woensdag, april 13

Liar liar

Hm.. pretty much nothing happening here. Had a nice weekend! But caught a flu.. which of course is attacking my throat. Pff and I'm so tired.. can't wait for the weekend.. but weekend means working hard, for school, for my songs..
We have an exam on friday.. been trying to study my ass of but it never feels like I'm doing enough. I love my study and I love what I'm doing, but I am always busy.. it's really never ending. Sometimes that makes me a bit tired and well.. the thought that there's always stuff to do, that you could always do more on a day.. it's stressing. And actually I could and should do more.. I don't do shit. Should start doing some shit I guess :)

Hey, I see sun! Well, I'm off, take a shower, eat, go to school.

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