donderdag, april 14

I am in a room I built myself

Oohh I may not seem like someone who can stare at interior sites for hours after hours.. or maybe I do seem like some one like that, but anyway, I am. One day, when I live somewhere else than I do now.. I want to finally spend some money on furniture.. found in the littlest antique and second hand shops, maybe some Ikea of course.
One day I will find the most beautiful dressoir, with a beautiful round mirror.. I will find a lovely old chandelier, for putting my jewellery on. I will have lots of plants, little green leaves in little cute pots I found here and there on markets and in attics, on the streets.
I will have lovely painted/wallpapered walls covered with everything I love looking at.. things that inspire me, things that make me daydream when I look at them. I will have a beautiful old armoir (fancy woohhh), for clothes, or my books (because one day, I will also own a lot of books, and I will have read every one of them), or for my 'sketch'books. Oohh and one day, one day I will also have my very own piano..
I will have a beautiful old twinbed, and a kitchen, a kitchen with every kind of herb you can imagine (okay well, not maybe every kind, but, you know, it's just that I trying to write as much Charlie and the Chocolaty-ish as you can eeeevvverrrr imagine), ginger and pepper.. and.. you know.... salt (okay just kidding)(cinnamon too). And maybe enamel pots and pans.. or maybe not.. because they kind of suck because there not that easy to clean 'cause everything sticks to them. And a smeg refrigarator please. AND A FRIGGIN HENRY VACUUMCLEANER! Or maybe Hetty, or James, no.. no not James.

Well, enough of the one daying. I grabbed all these images from , (they have suuuuch cool DIY's! Amazing plant pot ideas, lovely lovely) and if you like those, have look at or because oooomygod Rosa and Britt, you were right about how jealous you get from watching that.. frustrations hello.

One day, yes, one day
x Fleur

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Klinkt goed :) En SMEG ftw (hoewel 't wel vies klinkt). Dat zijn koelkasten om een keuken omheen te ontwerpen. Henry stofzuigers zijn ook supervet. Dat wordt later nog een moeilijke keuze; Henry of Dyson. Of anders gewoon allebei :P

  2. Haha ja smeg klinkt ongelofelijk vies.. maar oef zo mooi zo mooi. Dyson is wel handig ja.. maar toch, Henry, hoe fantastische kan het leven worden ;)

  3. Dyson stofzuigers lijken op wapentuig en het jongetje in mij vindt dat gaaf :P Bovendien bleek nadat ik al talloze malen de verlijking tussen Dyson en Skynet (een computernetwerk uit Terminator dat oorlog aan de mens verklaart :P) had gemaakt, dat de grondlegger van het Skynetnetwerk Dyson heet. Allemaal fictief natuurlijk, maar 't is wel grappig. (Die stofzuigers zijn dus gewoon een dekmantel.)