dinsdag, juni 14


Aaahhhh school is sooo busy and it's only the first day of this week!.. I'm sooo exhausted already. Have to print something for a classmate, 'cause of course; when you have a deadline in the morning, the ink runs out. I'll be doing backings by her 2 songs on her exam tomorrow. I'm curious about how I'll feel .. if I'll be nervous too.. will be a bit weird since she has the same songwriting teacher as I do.. he already told her he'd kick my ass if I'd do something wrong haha :) I'll just do my bestest.
And after that one other exam; one song. Then I'll be going home, finish my portfolio, print my own sheets and new stuff.. put them in my portfolio.... practice my songs one last time.. do some sight reading.....Yeah, it'll probably be something like that. And with lots of chocolate and coffee and/or cola in between.

So, printer is done, I'm off to bed.
x Flo

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