zaterdag, juni 18

Lift up your skirt we wanna see you dance


Wow that was one busy, stressful, almost killing week. Seriously, at one point I was so tired I could hardly keep myself from crying - over nothing- all the time. Just because of the shitload of things I still had to do, and the little time I had, and because I was so damn tired. But I got a flippin' 8,5 for my songwriting! Passed my theory with an 8, my vocaltechniques with an 8,8, and my klank & stijl (sound and style :-B) with an 8!! (Sorry to all the people who were at school yesterday and had to hear me say over and over that I probably didn't pass it because it went sooo bad) (I was 1 of the 7 who passed it, and also with 1 of the 3 who had an 8.. I'm so embarrassed now about how I kept saying it went so bad.. but that's the stupid thing: I always absolutely sincerely think it went band and wrong and hell and doom, apparently I just can't judge that AT ALL. So now I made myself a promise I will not talk about how it went, if someone asks I'll just say "yeah I don't know" and moooove on).

Now I'm desperately waiting for my AML (music theory and harmony) grade.. How it went? Yeah I don't know.. ;) nah well, it actually went kind of well! But because last time I thought it went bad and then I got 9,1 (see! geezzzzzz Anne-Fleur!) now because I thought it went well.. I'm afraid it'll probably be not such a good grade. God my English is terrible.. I sound keep my sentences shorter because otherwise it starts to jumble and bumble and then it's all weird and crap. The same happens in Dutch though, when I want to put too much in 1 sentence.

Aaahmmm oh yes, well, now it's WEEEKEND and I kind of celebrated the end of the week with some faire du shopping yesterday, bought 2 dresses, a shirt, shorts, new shoes and a bag. (Hey I found 20 euros)

Now I'm watching Dunya & Desi, a really cool Dutch movie. And I already did some solfege, which I have on monday! AAARRRRRRHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It's the one I'm reeeeeeally not looking forward to.. you have to get at least 50% of EVERY question. So you could have an 8, without having passed the test. Some things are okay, but some parts are also really hard.. like when he gives you one 1 note and plays it, and then he okays 2 chords, and you have to say which chords he is playing, by hearing which note the one he gave is in the chord.. ahm.. well.. anyway. It's hard.

Then friday the last test! Notationlab!.. I think that should be okay.. but it's also lots of work, in little time.. and if you don't pay attention it's easy to make sloppy mistakes. And ahm.. I made all the homework we got, but I never checked the answers.. so.. yeah. Maybe I should do that still.

Oh and I'll be singing and doing backings for 2 more tentams.. and then that's done too :) and then ooonhhh noo yes coming week we also have BANDLAB! I'm soooo excited for that :D and Sarah, Rosa and my dad are (probably?) coming! So cool :)

Well, geez enough jibber jabber and blaaaablablablablabalbalbabala for now.


ding transmission says, The Social Network has arrived. has anyone seen it? was it nice?

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