zondag, juni 5

Like a bridge over troubled water

Ohhh she is such a beautiful woman. And that voice! And those songs! I just looove Fione Apple.
I was reading about her on wikipedia, since I'm writing a paper for Popmusic history about the 3 amazing women who actually are the reason why I started writing and playing piano (Amanda Palmer, Regina Spektor (!!!) and Fiona Apple). And I read she'd done a cover of Bridge over Troubled water with Johnny (fucking) Cash! How fucking awesome is that.. 2 of my most favorite songwriters, doing a really beautiful song. I like the original better, but still. So.. of course I haaaaad to write a blog about that. And, because, of course, otherwise it might be 2 weeks again before I post something new again :-)


I'm going on with my paper.. I've been spending the last 45 minutes trying to find a beautiful picture of Fiona Apple so that's kind of my 'being useless while trying to NOT to any school work' of the day.

Love, Fleur

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