donderdag, juni 30


I like dolphins, they kill sharks, with their noses.

Happy post! I yesterday we got the last result back, it was of solf├Ęge, the.. well.. yeah, the most difficult class we have. And like I explained a while back, you have to get at least 50% of every question right.. and I did!!! I PASSED the test in 1 try! Soooooooooo happy :D even when I think of how I came out of the test, I'd made a mistake so fucking stupid I smacked myself in the head for being so angry with myself.. the idea of not passing because I make one dumb fucking mistake.. but I think he saw I actually knew it, but just had some weird brainfuck while writing the answer down. I FUCKING PASSED EVERY TEST! oh wait, international capslock day was 2 days ago.. ah well.
So, this should mean I got my P (if you get all the points you need for your first year, we call that a P, it's very important you get that in the 1st or 2nd year, otherwise they kick you out) in 1 year! Last year this one happened with 3 people of the whole year or something.. and they won a 100€ photoshoot! I'm a bit like.. well.. I already have the wonderful Rosa for my pictures, but well, it's also pretty cool of course. Don't know if they'll do it again this year though.. it seems that more people got it at once this year!

I'm so proud of all my homies :) Oeh and, Wednesday night I had a sleepover, at first I just asked Tineke, Miranda and Mijke, but we ended up with also Jurriaan, Jogchum and Niko :) It was really cool, had a great time doing awesome games like "who am I?" and "the mob" .. which is about.. someone is the mob and the mob kills someone every night, and you have to vote who the mob could be.. and .. well, it's just really cool.

We should do sleepovers more often!

Oh and, then yesterday Jurriaan and I went to school to make some music, he plays cello! And we tried some songs with cello.. Atheism, Chitty.. and then when I started playing Mushrooms.. is was just like, wow.. cool! He played such beautiful stuff and it's just the perfect addition!! Can't wait to try it again today.

Pffff but first.. coffee.. we're going out for dinner tonight with most of the year, and afterwards we have 4 birthdays (that passed already) to celebrate, and also of course the end of the year! So this should be one heck of a party.


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