vrijdag, juli 8

Mostly Harmless

typing the title I remind myself I should've taken my Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to Friesland.. I should fucking finish it for once! Never got to the final end.. But today I ordered the 5th part of Jean M. Auels 'Earth Children'. I tried to find it in a bookstore, but they only had it in Dutch, and, you know, that's just not how I roll. But bol.com had it, yay! They also had a 95,80 euro version of the book, which made me wonder why on earth somebody would buy a book like that so expensive. But then I though, well, some people just have money to spend. Though, even though I'd have such a shitload of moneyz I'd probably still not buy that book so expensive. Maybe some other.

But I already finished Angels (Marian Keyes, it's just like the Earth Childrens, horrible women literature. And because of that, sooo nice to read) but after that one I think I'd better buy me some Haruki Murakami again. And Catcher in the Rye, and maybe The Eyre Effect.

Woo going book crazy again! While I actually only wanted to write about how busy I am doing nothing! :) A bit of tv, bit of cycling, swimming, reading, facebooking and tidying the house (because we're gonna have a huge garage sale in a few weeks, throwing away lots of stuff since the house is being sold and needs to be rid of all the shizzle) and working! But I'll start that the last week of July. Had my first hours today.. it's at the swimmingpool my dad works (I am too much of an gobshited chicken to get work like normal other people do). It was nice, I guess, yes :)

Off to some Top Gear and then ooompfff sleeeeeeping.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Als je zo rijk als een motherfucker bent, betekent geld niets meer voor je en geef je voor een ander plaatje op de voorkant dat je meer aanspreekt zo €100 meer uit. Dus zo'n belachelijke dure versie wordt heus wel verkocht, ookal is het (nu) ogenschijnlijk amper meer waard dan de versie die maar 1/10 kost. Je zou bijna hopen dat je van 0neTrickPony niet rijk kunt worden! :P

  2. Ach ja, misschien ook wel.. maar ik kan het me echt niet voorstellen! Ik denk dat ik 't nog steeds niet zou doen.. maar idd, ik zou het bijna hopen!... alleen om te kijken dan of ik boeken van 100 euro zou kopen natuurlijk...

  3. Nou ja, dat zou óók interessant zijn. Dus hoe het ook uitpakt, je zit altijd goed :P