dinsdag, juli 19

Anchors and birds, and diamonds and words

okayyyy and triangles
it's not so much the tattoo I love, but the whole picture :)

I like these, simple, but a diamond like that just looks beautiful

even Kate Moss' got one

diamonds and anchors

ohhh nice
white ink! also pretty cool i'd say

I discovered a great blog: the tattoologist it kept me busy almost all day yesterday.. and I must say I am secretly a bit happy that I haven't seen one anchor tattoo like mine. Though, of course, I know some people will have one like it, since it's a "well known" sign.

Halfway through my book, I think I'll go for some Haruki Murakami after this. Love his writing.

Well, doing lots of nothing, playing piano and singing, bit of songwriting, reading, walking.. couldn't be more bored overall. I can't seem to entertain myself when I'm just on my own.. while I used to be alone a lot, a few years ago. And of course, when I was little I could entertain myself for ages, just thinking up stuff and drawing houses and horses on the street. Those days those days..


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