dinsdag, juli 26


Woo the camping trip was amazing! It was so nice to see my classmates again, and to just get out the freakin house. Yeah it was really nice. I shot a whole single use camera, and already brought it to the store, should be ready on thursday. Can't wait to see the pictures :) hope they turned out somewhat nice. Then I went to Enschede to meet up with another classmate and we did not went swimming (when we came there they we're just closing down), we did not see Independence day (the download was crappy and I hadn't brought my macbook) and we also did not eat any stroopwafels (but chocolate cookies were also okay of course).

And this week is my first real week working at the swimming pool, only mornings, but that's nice :) and I'll be visiting hopefully both of my besties this weekend in Amsterdam.

Ooohh and we went to a secondhand shop on the way to my grannie, and I found some awesome shoes, 2 blouses (one with a beautiful blue color) and a green vest which is slightly too short arm-wise, but well, it was free.

Mmm I've been playing Karma Police and Can't Help Falling in Love on the piano.. 2 songs so damn nice to sing and to play. I really want to put those on youtube one day.

Weeeeeellllll... yes that's it.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oeh, ben wel benieuwd naar je Karma Police :) Al twee tatoeages gewonnen?

  2. Nee! *balt vuist en zwaait er mee in de lucht* (over de tato)
    Binnen een jaar moet 'ie vast wel eens online staan :p