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Fish and Birds and a sad wise old Owl

My new wallpaper.. wow I am in love with it :) Found it on this new blog I am also in love with! Too bad I already browsed through all the blogsposts.. what a cute and happy person she seems! The funny photo's with remarks.. yeah it's nice :)

I think I wrote it here before?
"Fish and birds may fall in love, but where will they build their nest?"
I heard it in a movie once, and I thought it was such a nice and beautiful sentence/metaphor. I knew I would haaaave to use it for a song one day! And since I've holiday and allllll...

There's a meeting in the woods tonight
all the locals will be there
the Hedgehogs, wise Owl
miss Bunny, and sir Bear
'cause Owl said:

"Something's happening, it's happened before!

"Where is bird?! and, where is fish?! We need to talk," Owl said
"We need to talk about this!"
Bird flew in and then Fish popped his head out of the water
And Owl said:

"Something's happening, it's happened before!

"Cause fish and birds may fall in love, but where will they build their nests?
In the water where the bird will always feel like a guest?

"Why would we talk about that?" Fish said
"We're just two young souls, being in love
What's happened to make you question this all?
Where's your trust?"
And Owl said:

"Well something's happened, it will happen again!
Have you thought this through?

"Cause fish and birds may fall in love, but where will they rest their heads?
In a tree where the fish will take his very last breath?"

"Have some faith! You sweet silly Owl
Don't you know!" Bird sang "That love conquers all
It's our destiny to be together, even though," Bird sang
"If it's not forever"

"Sure! Something's happened, Owl, somethings always will!

Fish and birds may fall in love, you ask where will they build their nest?
Well, how about, on the shoreline where the tide will take care of the rest
On the shoreline where the tide will take care of the rest"

Doesn't it feel a bit like a fairytale? I just get images of this magical forest, with this scared and sweet protective old Owl, and a beautiful bird (maybe a nightingale?) and a very masculine fish with an "I love mum" tattoo on his shiney scaley chest.
And me hiding behind some tree of course.

I'm hoping to record Lady by the River this week, though I'll be gone on friday (going to the Amsterdam Fashion Week to see my awesome sister ), and thursday (going to the Navy base in Holland to see my other sister for the first time in more than 10 weeks! She was saaaailing, she was saaaaailing) (Rod Stewart) and am.. well tomorrow I'll also probably be out of the house (going to see my other sister in Groningen!). But time is not really the problem.. it's more that.. wellllll... I can't put my laptop on the piano; it's just beneath some wooden plank, which has also stuff on it so that's also not an option. And the piano has no wheels! DAMNYOUWORLD!

I feel like more images.

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  1. Gave tekst :) Het lijkt idd een beetje op een sprookje. Guillermo del Toro als regisseur van de clip? Hoewel, dan wordt het misschien een beetje te duister. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het zal klinken :)

  2. Oeehhh ja! Of Tim Burton, of misschien Tim Walker! .. of misschien moeten ze met z'n 3en samenwerken!
    Het zal wel weer ongeveer een jaar duren voordat 'ie online staat ;) maar ik doe m'n best