vrijdag, augustus 26

Home is where the heart is

YES yes yes this one AGAIN! Because I have to giggle every time I see it.

The evening of the day before yesterday I got a message from a friend from school. He lives in a building real close by the building, with 2 other people (a guy from Sweden who don't know, and a girl also from our school, who I do know and get really along with). One of them would probably move out in the end of September, it wasn't sure yet, and I would hear about it somewhere in August.. I REALLY wanted to move, so you get my anguish and my lack of patient when it was already the 23th.. the 24th... and then I got a message on Facebook. Yes, there would be a room free at the end of September, 16m2 about 280 euros, a washing machine, shared bathroom, toilet, kitchen and livingroom. If I was still interested..
At first I was like, wahhh just sign me in! Since I have to notice my landlord a month in front, and I'm still in Friesland and won't be in Enschede til Wednesday. And then my dad said we could drive there, and so yesterday we did!

The room is a LOT bigger than I had expected thinking of 16m2, and it has windows and it's painted white with fake wood linoleum floor.. And as I told, only 2 minutes away from school and from the trainstation. Aahhhh I am so happy about this :D because I really couldn't take the loneliness in the room I have now.. I'm in a house all alone, there are people in the building during the day sometimes, but not people I can talk to (since it's a doctor practice) and brr it made me so miserable being there alone.. I couldn't stand the thought of being there another year.


Okay but ehmmmm first one month in the old room, packing small stuff I don't really need on a daily basis.. but I have to end my internet thingy.. which is always such a terrible thing, takes up a lot of expensive phone call-time.. and hopefully they'll stop writing off money from my bank account and stuff..
And there you have to give them a month notice too.. so.. probably I'll have to pay an extra month there. Ah well..

So, of course, prepare yourself for another omgrats post somewhere in the near future.
I'm not sure if I'll get them right away, or at all, because it's not so handy when I want to go away for the weekend or something.. but I well.. I'll just have to make a pre/con list :)

Well I think I'm done vomiting words for the moment.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Cool! :) Klinkt als een prima kamer. Ik weet niet of het gebruikelijk is om iemand daarmee te feliciteren? Maar zo ja: gefeliciteerd. En anders gewoon: jeej, leuk voor je :)

    Moeten ratten elke dag worden verzorgd?

  2. Ik weet het ook niet, maar mijn moeder feliciteerde me ook. Dus ik kijk nergens meer van op! Dankje :-)

    Nouja, oke, in principe niet, maar eigenlijk moeten elke dag ongeveer een uur aandacht hebben. Ze moeten uitgedaagd worden en lekker kunnen rennen, klimmen en spelen.
    Maar eigenlijk kan het ook best, ze een weekendje alleen laten.