dinsdag, augustus 9

I started cutting the ones underneath at work, out of almost letal boredom. Then, because I liked it so much, I made the ones above at home. I used to believe it was some kind of magic trick when people cut little people in paper and then pulled the paper out and they were all holding hands! But even though I now know there's really now hocuspocus to it, it still feels a bit like magic :) (I don't know how I amputated those 2 girls' arms though.. must be some kind of scary voodoo)

One of my treasures! Isn't this faceless mermaid a beauty. Couldn't believe my luck when I found her and traded her for some useless 50 cent coin I had somewhere.
I like the contrast the harsh fools gold gives next to those soft sweet ametist kind of stones.
I used to collect stones and shells when I was younger. I threw lots of them away last week, but a few I just had to keep because a few that were so pretty or that were special to me when I was a kid.
Feathers, something I guess I am kind of collecting now.

Probably a muskrats or rabbits jaw. Painted silver. Like I did to another found herons skull, and a little rat's skull. Especially the heron has turned out so beautiful.

I totally felt like all 3 of Hanson when seeing/taking this
An accident I liked

Isn't Poladroid a wonderful application! It even takes time for the photo's to appear like with a real polaroid camera. I've had it for 2 or 3 year now, but kind of never thought of it anymore. Up til now of course. Sooo yah.. other pictures will probably soon follow. Like, tomorrow I guess. If I find the time/energy, tomorrow it'll be a working morning and afternoon again. In the middle of the day it's the nicest, from 13:30 til 16:30, it's the busiest then! Especially when it's shitty weather like today. Hurray for the shitty weather!


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