dinsdag, augustus 9

‎When Enola decided to drop the bom, and tell everybody he was Gay, the whole city was devastated.

Atomic cloud over Hiroshima from B-29 "Enola Gay"

66 years ago today, and three days ago, the 2 atomic bombs were dropped on first Hiroshima, and then Nagasaki. I watched a programma about it on Discovery channel, and also read an interview a while ago, with a man who survived the attack on Hiroshima. It is one of the most impressive interviews I have ever read. Links: Dutch // English
I think actually it was the interview that might've triggered my mind into dreaming the dream I later wrote down as Mushrooms, being about atomic bombs and not about magic mushrooms of course. :-)

It is so weirdly impressive and at the same time utmost terrifying a bomb like this can wipe away almost an entire city and it's habitants.. and the aftermath.. all the terrible diseases and the cancer it may cause.. I think somewhere it almost makes me feel guilty I am a human, like the humans who invented that terrible device. Luckily I could never ever make and do something like this. Is it not for my love for mankind, it will be my total lack of nuclear knowledge and totally suckage (Frenchly spoken, for it is not actually a word) at math.


ps. busy taking and uploading handy (mobilephone) pics of my treasure hunt! (I can't find my camera's battery loader! It's been missing for 1,5 year now aahhh.. I should go for one last good look and then I should probably just buy a new one)

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  1. Ah, Little Boy en Fat Man. Ik heb er eens een presentatie over gehouden, maar ik denk niet dat ik toen iets heb gelezen dat zo indrukwekkend is als dit interview.

    Mooi liedje; doet het wel eer aan. Daarvan mag je de tekst ook wel op je Wordpress zetten.

  2. Oh staat die er niet bij? Ehh zal ik doen!

    Nee pff 'heavy shit' is het. Tof dat je er een presentatie over hebt gehouden ooit. :)