maandag, november 28

Yes damn right you are!

This is me trying to be a better blogger! Can you feel it?

So aaaahhh today I called Hollywood Mark, tattooist in Amsterdam (who apparently, is really good in his profession) and made an appointment for me and Miranda! Who'll be getting a letter B on the side of her wrist. And I'm doing a little heart on my ringfinger, for my sister.
When I told my mom -I called her so it wouldn't be a enormous shock when I'd tell her in 2 weeks - she reacted really nice actually! She liked the idea of a heart for my sister, she was actually just telling 'our story' to someone.
So sunday the 11th of december I will fiiiiiinally have my heart. (not like on the picture by the way)

Aahhrrrrr my head feels so nasty, like there's a tight head band around it, not hurting, but nastey. The blood test told me I didn't have a cat allergy.. but still. This sawcks. saaaaaaaaaawcks.

Oehh and I have to practice for my piano exam tomorrow! We have one every 3 weeks orsomething :s in a month we'll have the last one I guess.. it's hard though, kind of tough stuff to practice and get in your fingers.

Pff I'm watching Audrina om mtv.. sadly enough I feel like the remote is too far away to grab it, so it's my own fault. Me and my first world problems! ;-) Wow, screaming and yelling and drama! How exciting!

Woooo count down starting now for the tattoo!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Cool! Ik vind tatoeages vaker lelijk dan mooi, maar je idee klink goed; subtiel en met een mooie reden :) En je tatoeage laten zetten door iemand die er goed in is klinkt ook verstandig. Het anker met een hart moet nog even wachten?

  2. Haha nouja veel mensen vinden het geloof ik een beetje lame
    'een hartje -.- .... op de ringvinger... -.-"
    maar goed, uiteindelijk gaat het leven niet om andere mensen! HÈ!! (manische persoon-uitroep)
    Het anker moet nog even wachten inderdaad! Dit hartje is toch een kleine tussenstap ofzo, opweg naar het anker wel waarschijnlijk, maar dat zien we dan wel! Heb er wel zin in iig!

  3. Njaaa, misschien is het niet de origineelste tatoeage ooit, maar boeie :D