donderdag, december 8

Well how the f..

uck did it come to be Thursday already again?

Tineke and I wrote 2 new songs! The titles are, Sailor on dry land, and, The Night Gets Dark. 1st with piano, 2nd with guitar. We'd wanted to write 3 songs, but it went a lot more difficult than it did last time. So we only finished 2, but that's okay. We've got 8 of our own songs now!! And we've only been alive (how morbid does that sounds.. like we're the brides of Frankenstein) for.. 3 months now. Niiiiiice.

Mmm I'm finally listening to some music again, normally, in the past (;)), I used to turn itunes or whatever music programme I had back then, on as soon as I started my computer. But now I hardly listen to any music.. mostly I think, because when I'm doing schoolwork I'm mostly doing stuff involving music, and then I can't have other music or I'll get confused. I get confused easily.

By the way, to point back to my last blog, not the thing where I said I was being a better blogger ('cause, clearly, I'm not) but the bit where I talked about my break up? Well, I failed to tell (well I just didn't tell) that Marco and I've been together for a little over a month now again. hihi.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Tof:
    - dat jullie nieuwe liedjes hebben (twee is oneindig meer dan niets!);
    - dat je weer muziek luistert (iedereen moet meer muziek luisteren!);
    - dat jullie weer samen zijn (gewoon tof!);
    - en het liedje (ze moet weer in Nederland optreden!).

  2. Haha
    - Inderdaad, eens! Iets is altijd beter dan niets!
    - Ja slecht eigenlijk he.. hopelijk "houd ik het vol"
    - Vind ik ook gewoon tof:)
    - Jaaaa oooo jaa :D wat zo gaaf toen