zondag, februari 26

Don't go chasin' waterfalls

http://ilovewildfox.com/ lovely blog and lovely brand.

Yesterday Tineke and me went into the forest! Looking about for places to shoot our 'video'. We're gonna record 1 song while playing it in the woods. Wauw, there were SUCH beautiful locations.. we've got the deadline in may so by the end of that month we'll probably be able to proudly show you our nature recording :)

Also, we went shopping on friday. In the big bad city of Amsterdam. She bought a beautiful kobalt blue blouse, and 1 pair of the most awesome shoes ever.
I bought a simple but not so simple blue dress (river island), a black a-line dress with a white shoulderpart (H&M), a lilac pencil skirt (Monki), a black blazer (Laura Dolls) and last but so not least I'm willing to call it my new love: a flowerprinted bomberjacket (Lady Day).
Of which the last I probably wont be wearing during shows. But the rest all fit in our little Tree Like Fun-image. Which was the whole point of the shopping session.

After the shops closed, we went to Rosa with who we talked about our upcoming photoshoot with her. And she is ever such a sweetie :)

Okay. Wellllll.
I almost finished John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men and Cannery Row I bought it for 50 cents on a rummage somewhere, but while buying I was doubting if I would ever going to finish it, since it's a bit of old American/slang, and I didn't really know what the stories were about anyway.
But I really liked it! Actually, even though sometimes the language is really back to basics (more like, back to redneck) that doesn't bother at all, and there's actually some really beautiful poetic like parts in it. The way Steinbeck describes feelings, scenery or moments.. he does that really well.

I think I'm going to buy Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance this week somewhere. A friend of mine talked about it, and then my boyfriend bought it for himself and a good friend of his. I'm not that into motorcycles, not the way my boyfriend the nurse is, but still, it seemed like a good book. And I spotted it in a bookshop in Enschede (in English!!) a while ago.

Enormous post, out.