donderdag, februari 23

How the second part of life begins

No I'm not pregnant. I just wanted to write something melancholy for the title.
This is me trying to write more often again! It's just me, you know, yeah, this is just me.

I actually started taking pictures of my hair to show how long it's getting already, but then I though; never write a single word anymore, and then bust in and immediately bore them with another OMGLONGHAIRfrenzy? Nah most likely to scare everyone away then. (poof go the followers)

So, instead of boring you with my hair. Let's bore you with kittensmittens.

and just one photo to scare you (and secretly still let you see how my hair is going)(I'm deeply sorry)

and in case you were wondering: mm, how does this girl that never writes anything on her blog anymore look like? I'm the one on the left. Though I normally don't look like that. The one on the right is Lisa a friend and classmate.

Oh and oh, you see the thing around my neck? It's a heron's skull I found in the woods, and I spraypainted it silver!!! Too bad, during the party, it's beak broke off :( so now I'm crying ever since.


ps. see you soon
I swear!
I do!
I'm trying my best!
reeeeeaaalllllllllyyyy do!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha, die kat aan het kozijn :D Zonde van de schedel, maar wel een gave foto, Mortisha.

  2. jeeeeh kattenplaatjes! daar krijg ik nou nooit genoeg van haha x