zaterdag, maart 31

I watched Norwegian Wood, a film of the book Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.
The book was beautiful and sad. And although I always hate it that in movies you miss almost half of the book (I get why but still), I think they did a good job.
Especially the scene of which I posted the still. And the scenes that came before these scenes.

I had a bit weird subs, they really lacked the subtlety which is actually really required for anything Murakami-ish. I think it would be better with better subtitles.

It's weird (it's arthouse) but if you like that, watch it. I wonder how I would've liked it if I didn't first read the book. Maybe Norwegian Wood would be better the other way around.

I'm still reading Auel. So nothing new bookwise.

In half an hour I'll be going to a studio nearby, and me and 2 others will be doing backings in a live video recording of songwriter+band Salisbury! Can't wait! I looove that song and I love doing backings to it. I'll make sure to post it here once it's online!!

Well for now, au revoir.


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  1. Ik wist niet dat ze het boek hadden verfilmd, maar als luie lezer ben ik daar wel blij mee. Kan ik mooi de film kijken.