maandag, april 2

Can't waaaaiiiittt for it to be thursday!
I'm so looking forward to seeing Marco again! :)
And I've never really went on a trip alone before.. so, even though this is 1 bus ride, I'm kind of excited about it. Every time I do something like this I realize I'm such a scaredy-cat sometimes. I'm already thinking of everything that could go wrong (bus accident, wrong bus, what if I'm almost alone in the bus and get raped. Really, I think these things) but well, we'll see. Mostly I'm just excited.

And I'm also, on the other hand, looking forward to the 9 hours bus ride. Seems like a great time to be reading and sleeping then reading and sleeping.. :-)

Oh! And I shouldn't forget my walking shoes. I've been told there are some beautiful mountain-ish terrains and forests over there!

And of course I'm just really looking forward to kissing my boy again.
Back to writing a report for school.


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