dinsdag, mei 29

The funny thing

Yay I passed my technique exam in the estill voice training system (EVTS). I don't know with what grade, but at least I passed it. We had to take it with a computer this time, you sing stuff, and the computer measures what frequencies and shizzle you use, and if it's right.

I used to be very into the techniques, and I still kind of am, but not anymore in the way that I'd like to become a techniques teacher. I'll be glad teaching "normal" singing lessons!
And songwriting lessons.. I would really like to do that!

I'm reading Number Ten bij Sue Townsend.. so it's not really a brilliant piece of work, but it's okay. I don't read so much and often at the moment. Oh, I finished a new Margaret Atwood a while ago by the way.. what's it called again.... Surfacing! I found it at the Slegte.. but.. meh.. a bit too weird and vague.. I actually didn't really get the main clue of the story. Bit sad. But I still want to read more of her! Just maybe the newer stuff.

My roomie and I just went to the market, we bought paprikas, courgette, eggplant, potatoes, bananas, strawberries, tomatoes.. and I got 2 springrolls from her, omg so good. AAHH WANT MOOREEEEEE.

Well I think I'm going to do some sight reading and some piano playing.


ps. omg! Haven't watched the new GoT episode yet! Exciiitttinnngggggg. When this season is done, I will probably go and buy the 1st book just so I won't have to miss it for such a long time.

pps. http://penabranca.tumblr.com/ this is where I found the image above, cool stuff.

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  1. Gefeliciteerd! Krijg je nog wel een cijfer?

    Veel plezier met GoT. Ik kan eigenlijk maar één ding zeggen over de nieuwst aflevering en dat is dat 'ie veel te kort duurt. Dat is natuurlijk elke aflevering zo, maar deze al helemaal. En verder zal ik niets zeggen, want ik wil niet spoilen :P Het is echt absurd dat zondag de laatste aflevering van dit seizoen is. Ik had me ook voorgenomen om iets van GoT te kopen, maar dan gewoon de serie op dvd (of toch blu ray, ondanks dat ik dat nu (nog) niet af kan spelen?), want ik lees weinig en heb nog een stuk of tien ongelezen boeken liggen. Ik lees nu overigens Zombie Raccoons & Killer Bunnies :P