woensdag, juni 6

7 things that don't really have anything in common

Gooood Liv Tyler is SUCH a beautiful woman.
Well, not much to say, got much to do. 2 tests coming up next week. And one concert, one we already did before, but because something went wrong with the video recording... we have to do it again.
So I'll be singing Mas Que Nada and If I Were A Boy for a second time on stage...

I'm rehearsing again with my new band on saturday! And of course I'll be watching the goddamn soccer match on saturday eve!! I'm not into soccer at ALL, except when it's EK or WK.. then I LOVE it.
I'm actually looking forward to it... big time.

And sunday I'll be playing 2 songs at a music play thingy day which is organized by my 'old' singing teacher! There'll be more old students of her playing, and current students! So I'm curious about it! Not really looking forward to playing.. but that more because of the resentfulness that comes from the nervousness I get when I have to play.

Ah well.


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