woensdag, juni 27

The Alchemist

Since I finished Watership Down (awesome! But the film really disappointed me, maybe I shouldn't have watched it straight after reading the book ;)) I grabbed a new book from my bookshelf; The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo, somebody said to me a while ago he wrote nice stuff, so when I saw this book somewhere in a second hand store, I decided to take it, curious as I was.

It isn't such a thick book, 186 pages if I remembered it right. And it's easy to read, not really difficult sentences, only somewhere in the middle til the end some more thoughtful stuff began to appear on the pages. 

The book is about a boy, a shepherd in Andalusia, who one day meets a man, a king. Who tells him he should go and find his destiny. And so the boy starts a journey, meets people, does things, meets an alchemist. The story is about becoming friends with your heart and understanding the language of the soul, the world and some more languages of everything. I even cried a tear somewhere.
Coehlo is religious, really. What made it difficult for me to read sometimes, right after I cried that monumental tear, he began to talk about God, making the tear disappear in the pillow I was lying on. It wasn't followed by a second or a third drop.

But still; I finished the book in 1 read (well, to be precisely, in 3 or 4, since I had to let Effie out of or into the room..) I almost fell asleep in the end, but I HAD to finish.
Okay, this not only happened because it was a good book, it was also because it wasn't that long, the chapters weren't really chapters (just asterisks instead of numbers) and those not-really-chapters weren't that long.. but really.. the last time I finished a book in one read.. I think it was in the first years of  highschool. That's a really long time ago.

I would've liked to quote some of the things from the book, since there are some beautiful pieces in it, like when I started crying. But I think that it would be better, if you wanted to read it, you would read it as a whole.

It's a philosophic book by the way, spiritual. And yes, sometimes a bit religious. As long as you're not terribly allergic to the last, it's a really nice book. It gives some nice things to think about.
I think my mom will like it too.

Well, of to do something useful.. the exam of my main subject is tomorrow.. bbraahhh even thinking about it makes my stomach turn!! Brrrrrr I haaaate those exams! Wish me luck ;-)


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  1. Dang, een boek van 186 pagina's in één keer uitgelezen? Hoe veel tijd kostte je dat? De enige boeken die ik in één keer uitlees zijn stripboeken :P Hoewel ik dat ook niet zo vaak doe, omdat ik dat zonde vind.

    Ik ben blij met deze recensie, want ik was al benieuwd naar dit boek, dus nu komt 'ie zeker op mijn leeslijst (die tien keer sneller groeit dan ik boeken lees...). Ik ben wel benieuwd hoe het religieuze wordt gebracht, aangezien dat voor mij wel een boek (of iets anders) kan verpesten, maar meestal trek ik het wel.

    Succes morgen!

  2. Haha nou ik wilde vroeg gaan slapen, dus ik lag rond 10 uur in bed geloof ik? En kwart voor 1 ging ik slapen :p

    Oh tof! Ben benieuwd wat je er destijds van gaat vinden :)
    Ja af en toe had ik ook echt van "flikker op met je god" maar over het algemeen viel het wel mee. Omdat het toch allemaal al een beetje in een vage sfeer hangt valt het soms iets minder op denk ik.


  3. Wow, dat is meer dan één pagina per minuut! Geen wonder dat je boeken in één keer uit kunt lezen.