zondag, juni 24

Lana del Rey

Awesome. Lana del Rey is awesome. If you look a little past her duckface, she's really awesome.
I've been listening to her since april now, but it's only the last few days I've been listening non stop to her album Born to die. I really like her use of voice, when she's singing low she lowers her larynx (strottenhoofd) and when she's singing high she always stays soft, and she makes her larynx go higher. (Lowering your larynx makes your voice sounding somewhat lower and darker, lifting it makes it sound somewhat higher and really light, a bit like a child's voice even)
Which makes 1 song something almost like it's sang by 2 people. 

 When I saw this picture, I thought, AWESOME, plants on stage. Don't know if it was her idea, or if the plants were there already in the theatre, but anyway, cool idea.
I've been thinking a lot about stage stuff, and about performance and clothing lately. So stuff like this makes it interesting.

Awesome hat.

Awesome cat. 
(this rhyme was not even intentional. how awesome is that.)

Her lyrics aren't always what you'd call.. deep and challenging for the brain, but as long as you're not expecting that out of it, it's awesome. It's a bit about the life of girls, a bit exaggerated sometimes. 
But sometimes I think there is some kind of message behind what she's saying. It makes me wonder if there is some kind of truth to her lyrics.
"Darling darling, doesn't have a problem, lying to herself 'cause her liquor's topshelf." - Carmen

She's wearing a glitter dress and a draculacape. Awesome.

Okay, her mouth, it couldn't possibly be real of course. Shame, I guess. I don't think I'd ever change something about my face through surgery, and seeing pictures of her from a few years back, I can't really understand why she'd have done it. But anyway. Awesome.

Awesome outfit Lana. Diggin' it. 

Awesome gif. Fancy.

Awesome lipstick, USA sweater combined with light denim shorts and gold. Luuuv it.

And she's got legs and an ass. And no boobs. Kind of my figure then. So girls like us can make it somewhere. Awesome.

Dramatic songs. Awesome.

Nails. Not awesome. Don't really dig that. But the hair, the lipcolor, the eyeliner. Awesome.

She reminds me of someone here. Maybe it's Julia Roberts. Anyway, Marilyn Monroe, awesome.

Fancy photo editing. Awesome.

Love the outfit. GIVE ME SOME COKE! awesome.

Last one. Love the hair. Awesome.

Only 1 conclusion; I want to be Lana del Rey.

Okay kidding, conclusion: she's awesome.

I can imagine it's not everyone's kind of music, or that she's not everyone's kind of person. But she inspires me, her music, the use of voice, her clothing, hair and make up. And the fact she's not the skinniest person alive. Nor is she the fattest of course, but at least she seems somehow like a normal person. Even if some of the things I wrote with the pictures are rather ironically written, I do think she's awesome. 

Carmen, live.

All the pictures are from fuck yeah lana del rey tumblrs I found by googling fuck yeah lana del rey.

It's nice she can actually sing by the way, it's not that she's doing real difficult stuff, but still, it's not out of tune or anything. 

Okay I really need to do some school stuff now, blaahhrhrrrr I don't want to anymore ): can't wait for the holidays. Only 2 tentamens, but 1 is my songwriting/singing thing. So bleerrhrhhhhhhhhh blah.



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  1. Ze kan idd mooi zingen, maar ik ben allergisch voor Guns N' Roses-shirts (en met enige regelmaat ook voor de mensen die ze dragen).

  2. Haha mm ja daar kan ik wel inkomen ja