dinsdag, november 5

Instamonth October

I always really like it when the blogs I read put together an instagram collage from the past month. So whoopteedoo, here I goo (pronounce in such a way so it'll rhyme with whoopteedoo)

October was a month with a lot of reading. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The 100-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared, The Fault in Our Stars, Steal like an Artist, Wilderness Tips and Eating Animals (which I haven't finished yet). It was also a month in which Tom and I heard we're going to live together starting December! And because of that, I started sorting out and cleaning my room. Which led to finding stuff like the Love photo, by Rosa.
Also, the moving led to drinking tea with Marieke, my roomie, and finding this beautiful Yogi tea quote, which meant a lot to me at that moment (I put it in my iphone case so I'm always carrying it with me).

I went to see my sisters, and super adorable nephew Floyd, I even got to see him walk! He's just in the progress of doing his first little cautious steps.. it's so endearing! He melts my heart :)
Tom and I spent fall break at Rosa and Benny's house, babysittin' the kittin' (he's so biiiiiiig already!), where Tom spent his hours (;p) playing GTA V and I spent a few hours reading outside because it was such beaaautiful weather. 
October was the real beginning of fall, all the colors. 
When I got back from Amsterdam (the house/catsitting) I saw I finally had some luck with the lemon seeds I planted more than a month ago! Yay! :-) (by now I even have 2 more little seedlings!!)

And last, seeing my way too crowded bookcase made me so happy! Seeing that made me realize that Tom and I really are going to live together, which means we'll finally be able to share a bookcase!
It may seem like a silly thing to get exited about, but I will always remember that one of the first things that made me really like Tom (and this was the very night I met him :)) was that he had so many books which a) I had already read or b) which I wanted to read. A man with a love for (good) books could only be a keeper (for nerdy bookworms like me at least).

I'm off to school.
Stay yolo,

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  1. Eindelijk een boek dat ik ook heb gelezen! Hoewel ik moet zeggen dat ik De 100-jarige man die uit het raam klom en verdween nogal tegen vond vallen. De titel is wat mij betreft het leukste aan het hele boek. Ben nu zelf bijna klaar met een SF-boek uit 1956 dat ik vrij random heb gekocht op Marktplaats. Ruikt heerlijk :P