vrijdag, december 13

Instamonth - November

November was the vegan challenge month! Which actually went really well. Except for the cheese fondue for Tom's birthday (which was already planned before I decided, on the 1st of November, to do the challenge). It was such a cold month, and when I came across an 'old' photo of Tom in the Burger's Bush (at Burger's Zoo) I could almost feel the warmth.
It was a month of packing everything I own, and of visiting family and friends (and pets) AND A LITTLE MOUSE IN FRONT OF MY OLD BUILDING!!
The little plants you see are the lemon seedlings.. they've grown so much! I should make a picture of them again soon, since they really keep growing and growing.

Also, 2 weeks ago now, we moved all my stuff to Utrecht. So Tom and me are officially living together now! :-) We already bought a sofa (how super grown up ;-))
It's been really nice so far, the traveling to Enschede almost everyday is really tiring though..

Ah well, maybe I should spend the time in the train sleeping, instead of working or reading or watching Sherlock Holmes (oh my god I love it).
I'm reading Gal├ípagos by Kurt Vonnegut, it's a good and funny book. Haha, so weird. 
After this.. I think maybe I'll reread Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.. and then The Year of the Flood again.. so that maybe when I've finished those, MaddAddam (the 3rd book in that series) will be out on paperback AND I CAN BUY IT AAAHHH.

Well.. time to go and do something! And then maybe off to Enschede, or maybe not. Anyway, we'll be going to Friesland this weekend for Sinterklaas with my family. I still need to write all my poems. But ah well.. that's not really anything new.


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