maandag, december 16

Merry Christmas

I wrote a christmas song in the past 2 weeks, and friday I recorded a demo at home. It actually was a school assignment: write a christmas song. I liked the idea of writing one, so I started thinking.. what kind of song am I going to write? Something "All I want For Christmas Is You-ish"? Or maybe something about a Christmas dinner that ends in a bloodbath.. or.. How Christmas is for people living on the street? Eventually I came with something about eating animals. A subject that more and more got a hold of me the past year.

the lyrics:

Merry Christmas to you all
sittin’ at your tables, in your warm and cozy homes
Someone proposes a toast:
To life! To love!
And everyone raises their glass

Merry Christmas to you friends
please unfold you napkins, ‘cause dinner’s being served
Someone spent the whole day in the kitchen just for you
Eat! Please eat!
We’ve got enough for everyone and more

Merry Christmas to your pets
Sittin’ at the tables, begging for a bite
Someone drops a chicken wing accidentally on purpose
Ha look at that silly dog!
He ate it bones and all!

Merry Christmas to the meat
lying on your plates, in your warm and cozy homes
Someone bought it super cheap
Now th├ít’s a merry Christmas!
Eat! please eat!
Merry Christmas to the meat!

And merry Christmas to the animals
Lying in their stables, far from our cozy homes
Somehow we all think that it’s normal now
To eat cheap meat
and never think about who pays the actual price

Yes, Merry Christmas to us all
sittin’ at our tables, in our warm and cozy homes
Someone proposes a toast:
To life! To love! Let’s eat!
Instead of raising a question
Everyone raises their glass

And the song:


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