zaterdag, januari 18

Exams etc

 Oh the irony!
(Or well, is it irony? I always get confused about irony. It's the fault of Alanis Morissette and that Irish dude.)(or is he Scottish? Can't remember)

Anyway, I was in one of my: OMG I'M GOING TO DOWNLOAD AN EMULATOR AND PLAY POKEMON ALL DAY-moods, and then when my geodude wanted to learn selfdestruct I came upon this. I thought it was funny mostly because it seemed so sarcastic, and also because I really need to give up on selfdestruct myself. But alas, I'm not a rock-pokemon (or voltorb or etc.), it's not just a matter of giving up on bad habits and selfdestruct, it's more a matter of unhabiting and working and sweating (maybe more brain-sweating than real life sweating).

Enough of this semi-psychological-amateuristic-blabbering. I did yoga twice this week! And Tom and me went swimming again on saturday. Also we went running.. or was that last week? Can't remember.
And I walked a lot. So so far so good on the exercising more. I started reading again also, I kind of quit that for a while due to the busy school stuff: oh yes btw; I passed both my exams! Whoopee. 

Yesterday I watched episode 2 of Sherlock season 3. I LOVE THAT SERIES SO MUCH. I want to be the annoying 3th party in that series. Like, following Sherlock and Watson around and bake cupcakes and drag coffee in a thermos with me wherever they go. Or no, coffe should be tea of course. And no cupcakes but biscuits. Yes. Great plan.


ps. I just found this link and wanted to add it: :-)

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