zondag, januari 19

Bullet Journal

Oh yes what a cuties these are!

 And again! This gorgeous man; who is he?!
Soft, furry, cute; everything I need in a man and cat.

But did you notice the rampage going on behind those adorable creatures?

Is it maybe a thing for creative people to be disorganized? I don't think so, I know creative people not making a mess of everything (and also non-creative people shaking hands with chaos and clutter). Anyway, it's not really important who's thing it is or isn't: I'm not very good at keeping things organized, and most of the time I don't really mind this at all. 

When it comes to time managent though, and actually doing stuff, it's a bit different. I forget things I should do (or lie about those things to myself "nooo I can't remember what it was anymore! ahhhh and also this couch is way too cozy"), or I forget when I should do stuff.. also, I forget all the things I did do. And this last thing results in thinking I never do anything, which is bad for the self-love (I tell ya).

I tried the "Getting things done" method, but I only read the children's book because the normal one was just too dreary (yes, I do like reading, but books like these just can't seem to grab my attention), and the method itself made perfect sense but didn't work out.
I read about the 'eierdoostheorie' (egg carton theory), but all the egg metaphors just made me a nauseous.

And now I found something called The Bullet Journal which immediately spiked my interest, yes maybe it was just because it would allow me to buy a new (moleskine) notebook, and because I just love to start writing stuff in the journal/diary category, but it also seemed like a great combination of a to do list, a random (songwriting/doodle) notebook, something to make lists in (books, films, food, groceries)  and of a journal to keep track of the things I do. So I'll be able to look back after a day, a week, a month, a year.. and see exactly what I've managed to do, and not do (in other words; what still needs to be done). 

Jeeeesus Christ the upstairs neighbors are literally screaming.. it sounds like someone is really drunk and angry and desperate at the same time. I don't do well with tones like that. Oh and now the children joined in with the screaming as well. 

Anyway, I was just about done writing about the bullet journal. If you're interested/need a new excuse to buy yourself a clean, fresh, new notebook; check the website. 

I think I'll grab myself some water and put the 3th Sherlock episode on.


ps. Also; we went swimming again today! It was so busy I had to maneuver my way from side to side like a fucking mermaid.  

pps. Do you know Bart Jansen, by any chance?

ppps. tomorrow is really the first 'normal' day of this year again.. school, with it's lessons and my songwriting coachings.. and the traveling to Enschede. Good thing I have a new moleskine. ;-)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha, ik was halverwege je blog toen ik dacht: ik ga reageren dat een dagboek bijhouden ook helpt! Maar je was me voor :)

    1. Haha ja en een dagboek alleen werkt 3 dagen en dan 3 weken daarna weer 1 dag en dan 4 maanden dáarna 2 dagen.. ;-) maar goed, ben benieuwd hoe lang ik dit volhoud.

  2. Oh die Bullet Journal methode ziet er ook erg handig uit voor mij! Maar aangezien ik echt voor geen centimeter met planning om kan gaan weet ik het zo niet haha. Je kamer ziet er trouwens echt uit als mijn kamer, de meeste tijd xD


    1. Haha nee ik kan dat ook niet hoor! Maar aangezien dit meer gaat om.. taken/dingen opschrijven ipv echt plannen.. nouja ik ben benieuwd ;-) Haha het is zo erg he! Voor andere mensen meer dan, ik denk dat wij sloddervossen er zelf wat minder last van hebben! ;p