zaterdag, januari 4

Secret silent resolution

I think one of my subconscious' secret silent resolutions also might be to write more often here. But if I say this out loud and fail to do so it will be a fail to do so for me (and for everyone to see). Things like that seems to have a negative impact on your self confidence. (I've read that somewhere anyway. But it sounds logical).


Anyway, I just wanted to write about that I got a yogamat in the mail yesterday, nice! Finally no more aches because of the hard floor, but hopefully just because of the straining of the muscles (well.. if that's something to be hopeful about).
And I won't only be able to do yoga, but also the ballet beautiful workouts I tried a while back (jesus I never would've think just waving with your arms would make them feel as if they're about to fall off. Seriously.).

Oh yes, and Tom and me (I haven't really figured out the way to use the I/me grammar, so mostly I'm just doing this thing I call intuitive writing) (I also did this while making my German grammar exams) (didn't really work) went swimming this morning! So In this first week of 2014 I managed to keep up with my resolutions! YAY FOR ME.

Time for lunch.


ps. I'm reading an awesome book about how your mother tongue affects the way you think and it's SO COOL! If you're interested, it's called Through the Language Glass by Guy Deutscher, and if you google it some of the first hits is a free pdf. YAY FOR FREE.

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