woensdag, februari 5

Across the street

People that know me, and, actually, everyone else who's ever come across my blog/facebook/instagram/house/phone knows I am crazy about cats. I'm destined to be a crazy cat lady, the only thing keeping me from becoming one is Tom.I swear, if Tom and I ever break up, I will get myself 7 cats and start talking to them and myself only. Sad but furry life.

Also, I can get kind of sad, or crazy, from not having animals around me. From when I was a kid, from when I got my first hamster (which I named after myself)(classy) I always had some creature around. First like, 3 hamsters spread of time. Then we got cute little Jodokus as a kitten, some more hamsters (of which 1 of them got pregnant and had 12 kids which she then ate), 2 mice, 2 rats (omg rats are really the best pets ever). And then I started living in Enschede, I was on my own the 1st year and I couldn't keep any pets there. 
Then I moved and we got fluffy bitchy (but lovely) Effie.
Then I moved again (this was a few months ago, you probably still remember), and now I'm petless again. Except, the girl who lived across the street from us had 2 cats. And sometimes I saw them sitting in the sun by the window, gazing out, looking at what was happening down below (she lived on the top floor). But now she moved. And the cats moved with her.

I can't wait to take some kind of furry friend into my home and arms again, but it's really not the time and place now. Which makes me a little sad, but also it's okay, because I get to live with Tom which is also pretty neat. And he's also really cuddle and actually more friendly than most cats. Also he can talk. 

Maybe when we move to something bigger we can get a little kitten (from the shelter of course). And maybe 2 rats. And when we have more time and money we should get a dog. And when we move again, to a house with some grass, a house next to the woods, I will find myself 2 horses. They will be my purty angel pony puffs.

I'll be playing some songs on radio Enschede tomorrow. Oh my! It's been so long.. Exciting stuff.


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