vrijdag, januari 31

The Key to Succes: another strange email

I miss cats. Oh you silly cats you.

Tuesday I got another weird email from that Benedict guy: another message from Currentbaker had been delivered on a USB. With only an audio file, and the message that I had til 23:00h.

Well, I don't know what the matter is, but I've been really tired this whole week. No really: going to bed around 22:30-tired. Which is rare for me, but it did it like 3 or 4 times this week. Poor Tom, living together with Hollands next best Granny.

But still, I needed to solve this. So I downloaded the file, and while listening to it I immediately heard it was reversed (which I make it now seem as if it's super impressive, but even a monkey would hear this of course). So did my ninja CLICK and opened up my illega... my version of Logic (music editing program) and reversed it's sorry ass back to normal. It said: Sherlock Holmes.

I knew nothing. What does this mean? Is the next skull hidden in a long grey coat? In a dorky hat? WHY ARE YOU TORMENTING ME LIKE THIS I WANT TO SLEEP.

But then I thought it was probably a good idea to check the sugarskullmysteries site, and aha yes yes; the password was changed. So I entered "sherlockholmes" and SCORE!

Now it showed this image:
[again: WHAT IS THIS? I NEED MY SLEEP! sob sob sob]
(I wasn't really sobbing)

Damnyou Currantbaker, what does it mean? The fifth of something? A closet, a cupboard, an episode of SH..? I tried googling: dotted fifth, five with dot, five with dot above it, five (It is possible I only tried this one because I wanted to see Robbie Williams)(who wasn't even in Five, but in Take That)(Shit happens)

I did all this researching only when Tom was away, since we were watching episode 2 of season 3 of Sherlock Holmes, and of course he shouldn't see any of this, way too dangerous for him.
But then, when Tom came back from the kitchen (or something) and I sighed and dramatically let my head rest upon his shoulders.. I saw something:


I waited for Tom to go out of the room again, then I ripped the little piano off the wall and looked at the back. In a little hole was a little white sugarskull. Which, of course, filled my old granny body with a surge of adrenalin.

So all's well that ends well, but still, I wonder.. who is this strange and, somehow, charming mister Freeman? And who is this Bobby Currantbaker.. how is he such a genius in hiding stuff and making up these clues? And what happened in his childhood that made him so... bitter....?
- I can only hope that, one day, I'll find out.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw wat een geweldige vriend heb jij! Niet dat hij er iets mee te maken heeft natuurlijk ;)
    En ik vind je ook best geniaal, hoe je dit allemaal hebt opgelost!
    *probeert een gevatte Sherlock-quote te bedenken* …

    *lukt niet, sorry*

  2. Haha jaa vind ik ook! Inderdaad, helemaal niks mee te maken verder..
    Ik denk dat Sherlock iets zou zeggen in de trant van.. dat hij het al na 1 minuut wist ;) Hij had die 5 vast nog ergens in z'n mindpalace staan. We zijn ook zo normaal en sloom, wij normale mensen ;p

  3. Ah ja, dat zou Sherlock inderdaad zeggen. Wat moet het grappig zijn om in onze trage hersenpan rond te zweven. Ik loop een beetje achter op Sherlocks denksnelheid, vrees ik, als ik dat al niet eens kon bedenken... Al heeft mijn vriend wel een boek geleend 'How to think like Sherlock Holmes'. :D Tot nu toe erg onderhoudend. En nu is hij regelmatig dingen aan het 'deduceren' . Haha.

    1. Oooh wat vet!! Daar ga ik eens naar opzoek! Ik zit ook wel eens in de trein (me te vervelen) en probeer dan ook bij mensen die ik zie dingen te deduceren.. maar het is dan zo jammer dat je er niet achter zult komen of het echt zo is. (Behalve als je het vraagt maar ik kan me voorstellen dat dat nogal ongemakkelijk is..)